Countertop FAQ's



FAQ Regarding Service Details

I don�t need someone to come do a template. I can give the exact measurements myself. Will this save me money?
As long as you provide us with enough measurements and details to fabricate your countertop, your template fee will be considered for discounted. If for whatever reason your countertop cannot be installed properly due to the template and/or measurements you provided, we are not held responsible and your order, once fabricated, cannot be refunded.

Do I get a discount if I install the countertop myself?
If you want to install a countertop yourself, you are more the welcome to do so at a discounted price. However, we will not be held responsible for any problems of or related to the installation of materials purchased through us. Moreover, the manufacturer�s warranty of the material will be voided (unless you are a certified countertop installer of that material). Also note that for purchases larger than the standard slab sizes, like most kitchen countertops, some field seaming may be required. We do not recommend inexperienced persons to attempt the seaming process unaided.

Does my quartz countertop have to be sealed?
Thanks to the ingenuity of quartz manufacturers, quartz, also known as an engineered stone, is nonporous. Similar to solid surfaces like Corian countertops, nonporous materials do not need to be sealed. This makes the maintenance of engineered stone very simple: soap, water, and a sponge. However, like any material, porous or not, nothing is completely impermeable to staining. So always clean up spills like wine, ink, or bleach as soon as possible.

Are their any warranties on countertop materials?
For most of the materials we offer, the manufacturer provides a warranty. For instance, CaesarStone offers a lifetime warranty for their quartz countertops. Furthermore, we will stand by our service to you and personally inspect our work should you find any issue within 12 months of your order. Please note that the manufacturer�s warranty is only valid if the installer is certified by the manufacturer. We are a certified installer for all products we offer.

Do you do service calls?
Whatever material we handle for replacement countertops, we can do service calls for. Simply call 1-800-253-6587, explain your situation, and we will provide you with the best solution to your problem. To make it easier for us to help you, please know the material and color you are having trouble with and, if at all possible, send us a picture of the issue if prompted by one of our representatives.

Do you do any other countertops besides kitchens and vanities?
Absolutely. Kitchen countertops and vanities would be considered the standard and most requested service we provide. However, any special request for a table, shower, desk, window sill, etc. can be done just as easily. We would ask you to explain what you want done and we would quote you appropriately. For more complicated custom countertop work, we would have to review the request for special pricing which may take more time to quote.

My countertop does not match any of the shapes shown when requesting my quote. What can I do?
Although there are many other shapes of countertops out there, we have found it simpler and more user-friendly to only show the most common ones which comprise the vast majority in residential homes. If you think your countertop is not even a close match to any of these shapes, you have three options: call 1-800-253-6587 and explain your layout over the phone, explain it in the comment section of the request a quote, or upload your own drawing.

If I cannot make it to your showroom, is there any other way of getting samples from you?
In the event we have yet to open up a showroom in your immediate area, we would be happy to mail you a few samples of our products upon request. We trust that you will return these samples when you either decide not to use us to purchase a countertop or have reached a final decision on a material and color. At this time, we are not giving samples away for free; we are merely lending them out for a reasonable period of time. We do ask that you look over your quote from us first to make sure a certain material is within your budget before requesting a sample of it. Please note that granite samples may not perfectly reflect the color you receive as your granite countertop due to the nature of natural stones.

How thick are the materials I see on your website?
Although we offer more products than what are viewable on our website, the standard thickness of our materials is as follows: our stone products, i.e., Granite, Quartz, and IceStone are 3cm, which is about 1��. Our solid surfaces, i.e., Corian and Hi-Macs are �� material built up to appear to be 1��. PaperStone is 1� thick. Some of these materials come in other thicknesses and can be acquired upon request, but these are the standard thicknesses which you can expect to your countertop to be.

Would you be able to ship me a backsplash or something of that nature if I can provide the exact measurements?
Due to how small the request, your options would be limited as to what colors we would have available to offer. If you request a certain color, we will check with our fabricators and see if we can come up with the material and color to meet your request.

I saw a free sink promotion on your website. Is that included in my quote?
On every quote we send, all promotions in your area will appear on the bottom of the quote. If the promotion on the website appears on the bottom of your quote, then it is included in your quote. However, if no promotions appear on the bottom of your quote, it is always good to ask and see if there are any promotions in your area anyway. Sometimes there may be a delay from when the promotion reaches us and appears on the quote you received.

Is 2cm cheaper than 3cm since its less material?
2cm and 3cm materials generally refer to the options of thickness for quartz and granite countertops. 2cm material is cheaper than 3cm material for the most part. However, for the majority of applications, 2cm is built up to 4cm with a laminated edge, increasing the labor and material costs. Consequentially, the cost for 2cm and 3cm are about the same.

Is there any benefit to using 2cm stone over 3cm?
The simple answer: No. The only benefit could be in bathroom applications where using 2cm with no laminated edge is an accepted style. But in this case, the top isn�t big enough to make a significant price difference to the preferred 3cm. In laminated edge applications, you now have under construction (sub top) which may not be desirable if exposed, like in extended overhang applications.

Other quotes I�ve received have charged me for the whole slab of material even though I�m not using it all. Do you charge the same way?
In almost every case, you are only being charged for the material used in your job. The only case where we may have to charge you the full slab is if you go to one of our granite yards and select a very exotic and rare slab for your granite countertop. But in these unusual cases, there are alternative options available for you to consider.

Why are recycled materials as countertops so expensive?! That makes no sense!
Recycled materials like IceStone and Vetrazzo, generally speaking, are known as green products. In order for a material to be considered green, many other factors are considered besides the actual materials found in the top. For instance, IceStone, a countertop made with recycled glass and concrete, is produced with energy saving methods which keep the production green, but may increase the cost to produce the material. As a general rule at this point in the industry, going green is not always associated with savings. So unfortunate!

Are there taxes on countertop purchases?
Taxes on countertops vary by state. Some states, like New Jersey, do not require taxes on home improvements like countertop replacements. If we send you a quote, taxes have already been factored in if applicable in your particular state.

Why are different colors in a material more expensive than others?
This is a good question. Sometimes it seems like there is such little difference from one color to another, yet the price can be significant. The price levels for materials are not determined by dealers. They are determined generally from the difficulty of achieving production of a certain color, inventory, and demand. At times there may be a promotion for certain colors periodically, so it�s always good to ask.

Are there any discounts for doing multiple purchases?
Absolutely! All discounts for multiple purchases are reviewed on a per case basis. However, all discounts that are considered are after multiple purchases have been made. We do not accept promises that a customer will return at some point. When a customer actually returns, then we consider discounts for vanity and kitchen countertops.

Can I purchase a sink and/or faucet from you as well?
Under the extras tab, you are able to view sinks and faucets that we offer. You can also ask us to quote any sink or faucet that you see elsewhere. Many times, we are able to get you a better price.

I cannot afford to pay for my countertop in only two installments. Do you have any other payment plans?
Our services require a %50 deposit upon order, and the balance paid at install or delivery. However, we understand that not everyone prefers or can afford this payment option. Therefore, we would be happy to offer our financing options, such as, no payments or interest for 90 days. Please ask a customer service representative for an application and any other questions you may have about our financing options. Our financing services are provided through GE Money.

Do I need to have my cabinets installed before someone comes out to template?
In order for us to create a template, we will need your cabinets installed. Furthermore, if there are areas which require additional support for your countertop layout, we will be happy to suggest some options to you, but it is your responsibility to have all supports (corbels, legs, brackets, etc.) on site at install. The templater can determine at the day of template whether or not we can install the supports ourselves or if you need to have another professional do so. Please note that there are different support requires for different materials like Corian countertops and, say, Quartz countertops.

Why are quartz countertops more expensive than granite?
It is true that on average quartz is more expensive than granite. Granite is a natural stone taken from a quarry. In other words, it is naturally produced and only needs slight enhancements and polish. Quartz products, on the other hand, are considered engineered stones. This means that the ~93% of quartz found in the product go through a manufacturing process to produce the desired effect. Therefore, there is much more involved in producing an engineered quartz countertop material than a natural granite countertop material. However, there are certain benefits to quartz countertops which is covered in our material comparison on our website.

It�s been 30 days since I�ve received my quote. Is it still valid?
All quotes and proposals are good for 30 days. After 30 days, you must request an updated quote or proposal for your countertop request. Since prices for materials can change from time to time, your updated quote or proposal will reflect this change. However, if there is a change in a certain material, it is rare that change will be too significant after a 30 day period.

How does your company work all over the country and where are you located?
Since our service is relatively new and unique in the industry, we get this question a lot. To best answer the question, please read our About Us. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact one of our representatives.

If I�m covered under warranty, can I contact you to address my problems?
For all countertops covered under warranty, you should first contact us to create a report. Once we received your complaint/concern, we will then work with the manufacturer and fabricator to determine the best course of action. It is always best to report an issue as soon as possible for us to resolve the problem quickly.