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Different Styles of Backsplashes

Standard/Set-on Backsplash: When a customer says they are looking for a backsplash, the assumption is that they are looking for a standard (sometimes called a set-on) backsplash. This means that the backsplash is loose from the deck of the countertop but it will be resting on the surface of the deck.
The standard height of the backsplash will be 3 inches for any solid surface based product and 4 inches for any stone or quartz based product.

Coved Backsplash:
A Coved Backsplash means that the backsplash will be connected to the countertop deck with a curved transition. This style is only available with a solid surface based product and is most popular with vanity applications.

Full Height Backsplash:
A Full Height backsplash means that the backsplash will cover the backwall behind the countertop deck. Typically, the height from the deck to the cabinets is around 18 inches. Since this type of application can often be highly custom, a drawing of the application will always help provide the most accurate estimate.

Tile Acceptor: A tile acceptor is a coved 1 inch backsplash that is added to reach the bottom row of tiles. This provides protection to prevent water or dirt from reaching the grout of the tile. This feature is only available in solid surface.